Value-based care: a holistic approach to care


Coordinated, value-based care

According to the National Council on Aging, nearly 80% of seniors have two or more chronic conditions.1 Such patients, as well as others with complex conditions and health needs, require care that is cross-disciplinary and coordinated.2

Humana facilitates whole-person healthcare through primary care, behavioral health, pharmacy services, and more. Humana value-based care decreases hospitalizations and improves health outcomes.3

Patients spend more time on average with their primary care physicians, helping providers better understand and treat their needs.4

For healthcare providers, developing relationships with patients allows them to focus on disease prevention and holistic management of chronic diseases.5

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How Humana facilitates clinical care

At CenterWell, a Humana Inc. company, doctors, nurses, specialists, social workers, and mental health professionals collaborate on patient care teams. These patient centers also function as wellness centers where patients can socialize, exercise, take classes, and participate in activities that support their health.

1. Comparison based on a study by American Public Health Association published in January 2021, where the average primary care exam was 18 minutes.

Coordinated care

Coordinating primary care and value-based care solutions can lead to better health outcomes.

Humana provides beneficiaries with access to primary care physicians, specialists, pharmacists, and others. This can include treatment at home, which research indicates may lead to better outcomes.1

Patients at CenterWell, a Humana Inc. company, experience improved health outcomes, including 31% fewer avoidable hospital admissions and 22% fewer emergency department visits.2

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