Wellness Services

Supporting your mind, body and spirit

As part of our emphasis on primary and preventative care, CenterWell offers valuable Wellness Services to support your health—physically, emotionally and socially. Unlike many routine health providers that take a more reactive approach to medicine, we work hand-in-hand with our patients and their families to help them anticipate and understand potential future health challenges. 

Wellness Programs to Enhance Your Quality of Life

Our primary goal is to build trust and guide patients through their entire care journey, including how to stay well. As a result, we offer a broad range of Wellness Services designed to inspire a healthy outlook and better quality of life. These programs provide tools to help you avoid serious illness, reduce treatment costs and keep you active


Our Wellness Services include: 

  • Dietary support
  • Social services 
  • Fitness classes, such as Silver Sneakers
  • Health screenings
  • Events and activities 

Total Wellness to Keep you Healthy and Active

Designed with the whole patient in mind, CenterWell makes your health and wellbeing our top priority. We give patients a holistic view of their health as well as solutions to encourage healthy living and better outcomes. To learn more about our personalized Wellness Services, contact your CenterWell care team or preferred location.

You belong at CenterWell

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