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Dr. Theresa Day joined CenterWell in January 2023 at the Houston Downtown East location. A graduate of the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Tucson, Dr. Day completed her family medicine residency in 2018 at UCSF Fresno and her geriatric medicine fellowship in 2022 at the University of Arizona, in Tucson.


After completing her residency in family medicine in 2018, Dr. Day practiced as a locum tenens physician at an FQHC clinic in Visalia, California. A few months later, she and her husband learned they were expecting twins, and Dr. Day took time off from medicine to be a full-time mom. In 2021, Dr. Day began her fellowship in geriatrics. During fellowship, Dr. Day trained at the Tucson VA Hospital, Banner University Medical Center, and Quiburi nursing home in Benson, AZ. She says balancing patient satisfaction with patient safety is essential in caring for older adults. She makes it a point to learn what matters most to each of her patients and keeps that as a guiding principle in their care. "In geriatrics, conversations are the most important 'procedures' I perform," she says, stating that the best doctor-patient relationship is one in which both parties feel comfortable enough to laugh or cry, ask questions and learn from each other, and even disagree.


Dr. Day knew healthcare was her calling when she was 23, while serving in the Peace Corps as a health educator in a small village in northern Cameroon. There, she was inspired to become a doctor and help those most in need. "It was a long, winding journey to get where I am today," she says, "and I think I am a better person for it. A veteran’s wife, she takes pride in her family’s resilience and kindness. When she’s not working, her favorite thing to do is to spend time on the farms where her husband works as the assistant farm manager for Alvin School District. “There’s nothing funnier than watching your three-year-old twins play with baby goats!”

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