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Dr. Jared West is a General Practice physician with six years of experience working in medicine. He attended the University of California, San Diego; the University of Southern California, and Ponce Health Sciences University. He completed his residency at University of New Mexico and speaks English and Spanish. Hes been a Resident Physician, a volunteer physician, and translator. Before joining CenterWell in Casselberry, FL, Dr. West worked at the University of New Mexico, First Choice Clinics, and, most recently, was a volunteer EMS in the Medical Reserve Corps for Contra Costa County, California.Dr. West lived in South America during his late teens/early twenties and volunteered with dedicated local healthcare workers with limited resources. The experience inspired him to become a doctor, and he says he loves playing a part in bringing good health to others. At CenterWell, Dr. West is happy to be part of a team that shares his goals. He ensures patient satisfaction by active listening to thoroughly understand a patients concerns, and describes the right relationship with patients as honest, open, and two-way. The ideal doctor-patient relationship should engender a feeling of teamwork, he adds. Prior to CenterWell, he tells us he was fortunate to work with many seniors at First Choice Clinics, which he describes as a community health clinic designed to cover the healthcare needs of those who tend to fall through the cracks. More recently, in Contra Costa County, he volunteered directly with congregate care facilities to help control COVID-19 outbreaks. For the latter, he received congressional recognition for his efforts.When he isnt caring for patients, Dr. West enjoys surfing, snowboarding, watchmaking ,and spending time outdoors with his children: a daughter, Brie, who is two, and a son, Hunter, who is one.

Provider numbers for agent use

  • Aetna: 6781578
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield: O68P2
  • Care Plus: 1216696
  • Cigna Healthcare of Florida: QMP000005446948p
  • Humana MAPD: 134254
  • Medicaid FFS: 114488700
  • Medicare FFS: PC325
  • Medicare RailRoad: Q00381540
  • Simply Healthcare: 17362796
  • Wellcare: 3122728

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