Gusev Gonzalez-Campbell, MD

Hunter's Creek

14075 South Town Loop Boulevard

Orlando, FL 32837


Instituto Superior de Ciencias Médicas de La Habana

Languages spoken

English, Spanish

Board certifications

Board certified in Family Medicine, Dr. Campbell has joined the team at CenterWell in Hunter’s Creek, FL. Originally from Cuba, Dr. Campbell studied medicine at Instituto Superior de Ciencias Médicas de La Habana and completed a Family Medicine residency at University of Puerto Rico. He is bilingual in English and Spanish, and has been working in the healthcare field for 20 years.


Dr. Campbell was a Hospitalist in Guyana for many years after leaving Cuba and before joining the 3-year Family Medicine residency program in Puerto Rico. For more than seven years prior to CenterWell, Dr. Campbell was a Family physician at Optum Medical Group in Kissimmee, FL.


Dr. Campbell ensures his senior patients’ satisfaction by listening and acknowledging the care they need. His philosophy of care is: “Treat every patient as if they are family or friends and never forget that the patient is a human being.” He also shared that he is confident his previous work experience as a Family Physician has given him the resources to provide high-quality care.


Dr. Campbell is proudest of his “amazing family”: a wife who he describes as the center of the family, and their two children, a son and daughter.

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